Sedna, in the Oort cloud. Remote, iced, hyperbolic, abyssal.

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Earrings--18kt rose gold/rutenium plated.
Earrings and square ring--18kt rose gold plated.
"Sector" and "Hyperbole" rings--rutenium plated.
"Singularity" ring--18kt rose gold plated.
Ring--rutenium plated + silver bar.Unique.
Roundsquare ring--unplated bronze.
"Hyperbole" ring--18kt rose gold plated.
Square ring--unplated bronze.
"Singularity"--palladium plated.
"warms" necklace--rutenium plated.
Bands--18kt rose, yellow gold, rutenium plated.
Squared and square-crossed bands--18kt gold, rutenium plated.
"Sector" ring-- palladium plated.
* Please read carefully: if you find something you would like to get follow the instructions below.

It is not abilitated a javascript in this page to automatically choose details about items. I'm not an industrialist and is always better a previous communication.

1 Choose the item (copy the description from the box).

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5 Bracelets and Earrings: S, M, L, XL. There is not a standard.

7 Rings:(!) Manually add the size and specify the country as are used different standards.
Default is IT (1-33)and not indian meters for rings.

8(!) For slight rings it is better you choose your size -1. Very large/massive rings: your size +1.

9 Specify the side (Left, Right) you probably wear the jewel. Very often it is essential.